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Well. max-width image resizing certainly looks like ass on Windows.

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  1. Max Wheeler says:

    They do indeed.

    I tried some experiments a while ago using a swIFR-like hack so I could get some fullscreen-bitmap-smoothing action, but it’s a little clunky (and hard to load images external sources).

    Nice work on the new site by the way. I was wondering how long it would take you to resurface.

  2. The Robot says:

    Max, thanks for the post. Love, love, love your site, by the way.

    That’s interesting about the swIFR-ish hack. Happen to have a link of what you pulled together? Anything’s gotta be better than the aliased crap I’m currently seeing.

  3. gtcaz says:

    Looks good under Safari for Windows, but I see what you mean in Firefox. Georgia Italics really looks fantastic on both. Nice work!

  4. Olly says:

    I reckon SWFIR is the flash image thingy you’re after.

  5. The Robot says:

    Right on, Olly—thanks. I thought Max was talking about some specific hack he’d done, but I must’ve been wrong. I’ll give swFIR a play, thanks.

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