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Because I know this will have approximately four of you Very Excited™, I’ve turned on comments for all links posted to the blog. Maybe I’d like to see how quickly this little blog can become riddled with comment spam. Maybe I just care too much for you. Maybe I’m out of touch with the values of Americans.

Either way, soup’s on.

This is a blog entry posted on day 11270 in the Journal.

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  1. Runa says:

    Yay, I’ve waited a long time for that to happen ;)

  2. The Robot says:

    Rock on—thanks! I still need to fix the entry display so that there’s some indication that links have comments, but I think that’s part of a larger redesign effort.


  3. patricia says:

    No joke, I have been wishing for this. Especially for the quick links. Cool beans.

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