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Ever since he got back from the Crusades, he’s been weird

Facts are facts, folks: the old and busted wasn’t cutting it.

This really wasn’t supposed to be a redesign. Honest. I started off shifting a few things around, in the hopes of getting some relevant, non-smarmy content on the homepage. The previous design was trying to be entirely too clever, and wasn’t actually, like, succeeding—then, well, I got a little carried away, and shit got weird. Now, the website and I just exchange a stiff “hello” whenever we run into each other in the office kitchen, with subtext hanging thick in the air.

Bear with me. It’s Friday, and I haven’t done this whole “writing” thing in awhile.

So as usual, things are still in flux. Kindly bear with one while one sorts his shit out, but don’t hesitate to email one if you find issues on one’s website.

And as a bonus, that last sentence made me hate myself.

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