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If I said you had a beautiful spreadsheet, would you hold it against me?

After months of work poring over raw data, analyzing it, and prettifying the hell out of it, the ALA staff have published the findings from the survey we published back in April, which was targeted at web design professionals.

You know. Rockstars like yourself. Hi there.

The team who did the heavy lifting included (but wasn’t limited to) such folks as Jeffrey, Erin, Jason, and Eric, and their hard work shows—the report’s a real treat to read, and is damned insightful. So whenever you’ve a moment, please check out the survey results and weigh in. Hell…if you’re so inclined, grab the raw data linked in the article, and crunch your own numbers. Because nothing says lovin’ like hardcore stat crunchin’.

I really, really need to stay away from the whole “blogging” thing when I’m “tired.”

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