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Behold. I bring you…the shiny:

For over a year, I’ve been nervous—nay, fucking terrified to see what Zack “Swords and sandals and zombies—oh my!” Snyder would do to Watchmen, one of my favorite pieces of writing in any medium. I’m not sleeping any better about the upcoming film’s prospects—Lena Headey, anyone?—but I’d be lying if I said the latest trailer didn’t assuage a few fears.

Of course, then you find crap like this, and the walls begin closing in again.

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  1. Andy Clarke says:

    I’m as excited as a man painting his body blue! (My thoughts today too)

  2. The Robot says:

    It might be harder for me to stop painting my body blue, or pretending that my Honda is an owl ship, or walking into a bar and breaking someone’s fingers (OK, I lied about that part), but I’ll give them a try too.

    I’ll give you a dollar if you can notch all three off your list at SXSWi , sir.

  3. Shane Guymon says:

    Well I may not have as much invested in you because I wasn’t an avid reader of the graphic novel, but I was relatively familiar with it. That being said, the first preview i ever saw in theaters got me REALLY excited for the movie, it looks DOPE!

  4. Brad Dielman says:

    This trailer rocks even more than the previous one. I haven’t anticipated a movie like this since Empire… And that’s saying a lot.

  5. The Robot says:

    This trailer rocks even more than the previous one.

    Totally agree with you and Shane that it looks great. But after 300, I’m not really concerned whether or not Snyder can make a pretty movie; from the trailers, he does seem to have the look of Watchmen down cold.

  6. Christopher Schmitt says:

    Okay. I’m confused. How can there be a sequel to 300?

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