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She says it better than I ever could.

He is lucky, and I am lucky. And I hope we continue to feel so lucky year after year.

Happy birthday, my one and lovely.

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  1. Annie says:

    You guys are so adorable. Engaged and in love, before you get married and start to hate each other a little bit more every single day until it consumes your soul and you want to beat the other one to death with a shoe.

    No, kidding. Marriage is awesome.

  2. Annie says:

    The tin man! There’s a picture of the tin man up! Beside my name!

    I’m not crazy.

  3. The Robot says:

    I’m not crazy.

    So you say. So you say.

    Thanks for commenting, Annie. By the way: if you want to remedy the Tin Man situation, feel free to get yourself a Gravatar. I’m just sayin’.

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