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As I’ve said before, speaking at An Event Apart is a wonderful, terrifying experience. Wonderful because of, well, the insane caliber of the speakers—imagine taking some of the most fiercely intelligent designers, developers, and thinkers working today, and giving each of them an hour to talk about whatever most excites them about the web. And it’s terrifying because of, well, see above: standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Nicole, Dan, Aarron, and of course Jeffrey and Eric is, you know, slightly nerve-wracking.

Being part of this year’s road show has been one of the highlights of my career, traveling through five cities with my web heroes: the audience is fantastic, the speakers consistently wonderful, and I’ve learned something new at each show. Naturally, I’m excited and thrilled to be part of AEA’s newly announced 2011 lineup. I’ll be taking the stage in Boston, and then co-leading another installment of A Day Apart alongside Jeremy Keith. Hope to see you there, whether this year or next!

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