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Handcrafted Haiku

This all might be very familiar to you by now, but here we are.

So there’s this guy Dan, see, and he decided to write a book. I contributed a chapter. Crippling bias aside, the book we wrote is damned good. (The book we wrote is also very, very pretty.) While writing the book, we thought that planning a workshop to “teach the book” for a day would be fun. So we planned it. We started selling tickets. A lot of them. We got excited. We sold more tickets. We got more excited.

This brings us to present day: tickets for the day-long Handcrafted CSS workshop are selling fast, and Dan and I are in the throes of conference-planning excitement. (That’s a thing. Honest.) Early bird registration closed on Friday, but we’ve also cooked up a little raffle to get a couple more seats filled. So if you want a free ticket to our Handcrafted CSS seminar, here’s the skinny:

  1. Log into your Twitter account. (Or, um, get a Twitter account. Because we all need an excuse to shorten our attention spaOH LOOK SOMETHING SHINY IN THE DISTANCE BRB)
  2. Write a haiku about web design.
  3. Include the #hcsshaiku hashtag in your tweet.

That’s it. Over the next twenty-four hours, we’ll be watching the entries roll in, counting your syllables all the while. The two best haikus will win a free registration in our one-day workshop, courtesy of Campaign Monitor, event sponsors extraordinaire.

So haul out your oversized quill pens and your favorite inkwell, and start draftin’. Hope to see you in September!

(Sōkan would’ve totally wanted to get in on this. Just so you know.)

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  1. Zeldman says:

    This is good.

  2. jon says:

    I, along with others, assumed it was one entry per person. You did say “write a haiku” not “write haikus”. just sayin’ there are a bunch of people that just haiku bombed this contest. I think it would be unfair to choose one of their entries.

  3. Sam says:

    You got some pretty good entries, shame it has closed! Good luck choosing a winner..

  4. Chris says:

    I agree with jon. I thought the contest was to write a haiku, not haiku strung together like an epic poem.

    Either way, it was fun. :)

  5. The Robot says:

    The winners have been announced! Thanks, everyone.

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