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Dan Cederholm moves over to Wordpress, tweaking his site’s design as he does so. Which is lovely, of course, but not as lovely as this:

If anything, [the new design is] a slight step backward, to the layouts of SimpleBits’ past. Like anyone who used to blog with frequency pre-2005, I’d like to post here more often — not just to fill up bits and bytes, but to write again. Remember when blogs were more casual and conversational? Before a post’s purpose was to grab search engine clicks or to promise “99 Answers to Your Problem That We’re Telling You You’re Having”. Yeah. I’d like to get back to that here.

I’ve been thinking the same thing lately: that this whole quasi-tumblelog thing I’ve been playing around with isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As Merlin Mann said: Jesus, I miss paragraphs.

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