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The background: It has been a long, cold winter, filled with little but lolcats and chocolate rain. The days of beer and bytes are a cold and fading memory, you say?

Well, chin up. The Markup & Style Society is back, sporting its very best tricorne, a brilliant new waistcoat, and carrying a lovely new gilt-edged snuffbox (with matching watch fob, no less). Dandied up to the best of its ability, it would love to share with you a few pints of bitters, and discuss the latest and greatest in designing and building for the web.

So! The details:

Markup & Style Society XMXIII: The Markuppiest & Stylest One Yet
Thursday, 13 March
Location: To be announced (Near South Station, Boston)

The kicker? We are rife with secrets…sweet, sweet, sweeter-than-sweetmeats secrets. Due to a few things we’re not ready to let out of the bag, we have to keep the location under wraps for now, as well as a few other surprises we have in store. So if you’re interested in busting out your best walking stick and joining us for an evening of—well, something awesome, kindly RSVP at Upcoming.

We’re capping registration at fifty people, so be sure to check your calendars early—if past events are any indication, we’ll hit that number soon.

Also, as Dan’s mentioned, we’re searching for a friendly sponsor for the event. We’re hoping to do some light (read: “pizza”) catering during the first part of the evening, so please contact Dan or myself if you'd like to be part of The Awesome. We are now officially set for sponsors. Thanks to everyone who wrote in.

(I don’t think I could’ve written a more disjointed post. Mission accomplished.)

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  1. Joshua Brewer says:

    Um, any chance of the next meeting being held here in sunny San Diego, CA. We have great pizza and beer… oh, and did I mention the sunshine….

    Man, I wish I was on the east coast just for an event such as this. But only for the day. [wink]

  2. Ian Muir says:

    I’d love to come, but I think I will likely be exhausted from going to MIX and SxSW back to back.

  3. Dale Cruse says:

    You know I’m there.

  4. Chris says:

    I hear we all have to wear hooded black robes ?

    #markup_event .secret {
    list-style: disc url(beer_pint.png);

  5. The Robot says:

    Absolutely, Chris. It’s also BYOG.

    To everyone else: It looks like we’ve hit our registration limit, but keep an eye on the space. There’s a chance someone might drop out.

    And if not, hopefully we’ll see you at the next one!

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