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Handcrafted CSS Nashville

I am thrilled—nay, mind-numbingly ecstatic that the Handcrafted CSS workshop is coming to Nashville! Dan and I have done this show twice now—once in Salem, MA, and a few months later in London with Carsonified — and it was incredibly well received both times. At least, we think it was. I mean, everyone said they had fun. OH GOD I HOPE THEY WEREN’T JUST BEING NICE


Anyway, really: we do hope you can make it. It’s a day-long, action-packed workshop: Dan and I walk you through the book in great detail, covering the latest and greatest in CSS3, flexible layouts, and other concepts relating to web craftsmanship. Every attendee gets a free copy of the Handcrafted CSS Video Edition, as well as a high-five from Ethan and Dan. (Offer good as long as supplies last. I mean, our arms get tired easily. We work on the web.)

So: join us on the 21st of June at the Hermitage Hotel in downtown Nashville. The location’s prime for an amazing day of design, discussion, and learning, so book your spot today. See you there!

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