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Handcrafted Haiku winners!

So, right. Dan and I conducted this whole contest thing. Once we closed the contest, our plan was to take an extra day, read through the entries, and pick two winners.

Then we got stupid busy. I know, I know—cue the Buscemi. Still, we feel awful about the delay: we only recently found time to sift through everyone’s amazing entries, pick out two winners, and then, finally, blog about it.

(This is the part where we blog about it.)

So. After much, much too much delay, we’re pleased to announce that the two winners of #hcsshaiku have been selected. The judging was rough, people—Dan and I both had lists of a dozen or so favorites, and the debate got heated. It almost came to blows. True story. (Not really.)

Okay, enough with the digressions—you came here for winners. First up is this stellar entry, winning @wilto a free ticket to the Handcrafted CSS workshop:

IE6 lives on.
Box model—and heart—broken.
position: fetal;

Tying for first (and another free ticket), we’ve got @squaregirl’s ode to debugging and BSG. We think.

Curly braces sound cute.
Until you leave one out. Oops!
I fracked my stylesheet.

And there we have it. @wilto and @squaregirl, if you'd be so kind to email info at handcraftedcss dot com, we’ll hook you up with your registration information!

Once again, we’d like to thank Campaign Monitor for sponsoring these two tickets. And of course, thanks so much to everyone who entered—the writing was top, top notch, and Dan and I were both floored by the response. We really hope you’ll consider joining us at the workshop on 14 September. But! We’ve only twenty-ish seats left, and there are only two weeks until the show. So register soon—we’d love to see you there.

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