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Hypothetically speaking.

Let’s just, y’know, assume that you had a lot of mass transit in your immediate future. Not me. You. In a purely hypothetical situation, o’ course.

What movies, music, or TV shows would you bring along?

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  1. Catherine says:

    I am not messing around when I say The September Issue is fascinating. WORK IT BABY!

  2. Eric Meyer says:

    The miniseries version of “The Stand”. Nothin’ better for extended periods of sitting around with a transitcarload of disease-ridden meat sacks.

  3. Ryan Brill says:

    Mad Men. Season 1, in my case.

  4. Beth says:

    My favorite thing for traveling is This American Life, but be warned, you may find yourself bursting into tears amongst strangers. But I think that’s kind of the point.

    Also, Errol Morris’ In First Person TV series, basically a bunch of 1 hour documentaries on the most bizarre and fascinating people imaginable.

  5. F687/s says:

    So, wait, you (or me, in this case) are going to be spending hours on end in a confined area, going to a far away place, traveling with people you don’t even know?

    Sock puppets.

  6. Dan Cederholm says:

    Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” series.

    And perhaps a bottle of gin.

  7. Brad Dielman says:

    The PBS documentary on New York is incredible. Long enough to last the whole trip and well worth the commitment. If you don’t take it on this trip you must add it to your Netflix queue.

  8. Kevin Lawver says:

    All of these are in the iTunes podcast directory:

    • I second the This American Life recommendation
    • The CBC Radio 3 podcasts are excellent
    • Planet Money from NPR
    • KEXP’s Live Performances
    • The Bugle (if you don’t mind bursting into loud giggles among strangers)
    • Sound Opinions (if you don’t mind loudly disagreeing with them among strangers)


  9. Christopher Meeks says:

    As I looked around at the variety of human life, I’d give myself some emotional distance… a “4th wall” if you will.

    Then I’d pop in “Planet Earth: Caves” (easily the finest of the bunch) and build a narrative around the bus occupants using a voice that slightly (and absurdly) resembles Sigourney Weaver.

  10. Luci says:

    family guy, without fail. [questionable] morals + fun + evil chicken = hours of fun, perfect for being trapped in mass transit ! And then any album by Dancing Lotus for a feel-good vibe in the inevitably bored atmosphere…

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