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“Say, lend me your comb…”

Ladies and gentlemen, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan:

Easily my favorite rendition of an old, well-recorded classic. A little up-tempo, sure—but Louis’s and Ella’s voices blend so damned perfectly.

Of course, Betty Carter and Ray Charles are a close second:

So with that, happy holidays to the three of you. Hope they’re wonderful, fun, and safe—and of course, try to stay in out of the cold.

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  1. Joen says:

    It’s a treat to rediscover these classics.

    The girlfriend keeps watching Popstar, Singstar, Idol, [country]‘s Got Talent and what other devilry they call it these days. Those shows are fair as comedy shows, but it pains me the winner gets a record contract.

    No, it’s not skill to do the Christina Aguilera pseudo-vibrato milkshake voice while waving your hand like as though it was a broken elevator.

    Bring back Ella, she could sing! I’d love to see her influencing the young impressionable minds of our youth; perhaps then we’d see some actual quality emerge instead of just the usual soul/pop melange that pollutes our airwaves.

    By the way, I turned eighty years last week.

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