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But this blog goes up to eleven

So that Trent Walton went and redesigned his blog. And it is responsive. And on top of all that? It is sexy.

I’ve been admiring the Paravel team’s work for some time, and especially their dabblings in responsive design; if you haven’t seen the Do Lectures site, give it a whirl. It’s visually and technically impressive, and is a joy to browse at any resolution.

But that’s not all: given Trent’s penchant for full-width, type-heavy headings, he and the team at Paravel decided to knock out FitText, a jQuery plugin to create full-width, scaleable headlines from, well, your headlines. I can’t wait to give this a whirl.

Of course, in the middle of this cornucopia of goddamned fantastic things, Trent has to go and drop beats like this:

My love for responsive centers around the idea that my website will meet you wherever you are—from mobile to full-blown desktop and anywhere in between.

Emphasis mine. That sentence—that sentiment—is so good, I want it tattooed on my knuckles.

(Hrm. Wonder if there’s a jQuery plugin for that.)

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