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Audio Downloads of Obama’s Inaugural Oath and Address, and of Lowery’s Benediction

Given my religious beliefs (or, more aptly, the lack thereof), I was surprised I found Joseph Lowery’s benediction to be one of the most moving parts of yesterday’s inaugural proceedings—so much so that as soon as the video showed up online, I dug up an old post from the archives, bounced over to, and ripped the audio track to an iPod-/iPhone-/whatever-friendly MP3 file.

Mentioning this to a few other folks, I got more than a few requests to put the file online. So, to wit, here it is (along with a bonus MP3):

Enjoy, and know hope. Now, let’s get to work.

I realize this post may not be everyone’s particular bag, politically speaking. If that is the case, know that The Management shall resume the apolitical posting of stop-motion inanity and craven self-promotion forthwith. Thanks, as always, for reading.

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